Mirella and her signature work, Becoming Woman

Mirella and her signature work, Becoming Woman

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About Mirella

Mirella Monti Belshé was born and nurtured in Tuscany, Italy, and completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Hawaii. There she became a tenured Associate Professor. In the last 41 years she has had a studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. She also works in Pietrasanta and Florence in Italy where she carves and casts larger sculptures which return to studio 27 from where the models originated.

Her work includes sculpture, collages, multimedia portraits, body casts, and restorations. Commissioned work is widely distributed in the United States, Canada, Germany, Israel and Mexico City. Much of her work is neoclassical, and evolves from fragmenting and juxtaposing the human form.

Mirella is on the board of the Friends of the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

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